The UK Government’s announcement, that free movement will end the day after a no deal Brexit on 31 October 2019, has left many wondering how the rights of EU citizens will be impacted in the days that follow.

Whilst some have speculated that it is unlikely that this means anything different than the original ‘no deal’ plan that was published some months ago (under the previous Home Secretary), others, including the Home Office, indicate that there could be immediate practical implications with reference to a ‘new immigration system’ being ‘developed’ and that plans will be revealed in due course.

These announcements have not yet made it clear if we can expect immediate border controls to be in place for EU citizens (who have not already registered for the EU Settlement Scheme) from 1 November. Many consider that there is simply insufficient time and resource to do this.

What we do know, is that there is no change for EU citizens who are already resident in the UK and who have already registered for the EU Settlement Scheme. 

As the Brexit train continues at full speed, employers and businesses, especially those with a high population of EU citizens should be encouraging those who have not already done so, to register under the EU Settlement Scheme as soon as possible and certainly before 31 October to ensure their position is preserved in the wake of so much uncertainty.


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