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Minimum wage increase

Note to many employers in Quebec: On Wednesday, May 1, 2013, the minimum wage is increasing. The minimum wage is going up to $10.15 an hour – an increase of $0.25.   The minimum wage of employees receiving tips will go up to $8.75 an hour – an increase of $0.20. A chart on the Commission des … Continue reading

Unjust dismissal: different possible awards

Last month, the Commission des relations du travail (“CRT”) rendered a decision following a finding of unjust dismissal that serves as a good reminder of the scope and types of awards that can be ordered when a complaint is deemed well-founded. In this case, the facts were simple:  the complainant, a pharmacist, was suspended without pay for an indefinite period … Continue reading

A transaction under the Civil Code of Quebec

The Civil Code of Quebec recognizes that parties can, by way of contract, agree to settle a dispute by way of mutual concessions, often known as a settlement agreement or  a transaction: 2631.  Transaction is a contract by which the parties prevent a future contestation, put an end to a lawsuit or settle difficulties arising in the execution of … Continue reading