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Pandemic Q&As: Walking off the job, limitation periods, symptomatic employees and human rights considerations

In this blog post, we provide answers to the following four questions posed by Ontario employers: Can my employees walk off the job for fear of contracting COVID-19? Do I still need to meet my filing deadlines? One of my employees reported having COVID-19 after reporting to work for several days—what do I do? Is … Continue reading

Foire aux questions sur la pandémie : Quitter le travail, délais de prescription, employés symptomatiques et questions de droits de la personne

Dans cet article de blogue, nous répondons aux quatre questions suivantes que se posent les employeurs ontariens : Mes employés peuvent-ils quitter leur travail par crainte de contracter la COVID-19? Dois-je toujours respecter mes échéances de dépôt? L’un de mes employés a déclaré être atteint de la COVID-19 après s’être présenté au travail pendant plusieurs jours … Continue reading

Cannabis and the U.S. border – a complex relationship

Recreational cannabis will become legal in Canada effective October 17, 2018.  However, taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis (whether medicinal or recreational) across Canada’s international borders will remain illegal and can result in serious criminal penalties both domestically and abroad.  This prohibition applies equally to individuals travelling to or from a jurisdiction where cannabis … Continue reading