Ontario Proposes Right to Disconnect and Ban on Non-Competes

The Ontario government has proposed legislative amendments to require companies to establish a ‘right to disconnect’ policy for their employees and to ban non-competition provisions in employment agreements. If enacted, this legislation would be a first in Canada. The proposed amendments to the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 include the following: ‘Right to disconnect’: companies … Continue reading

Nouvelles directives de codage des relevés d’emploi pour les refus de vaccination COVID-19

Les employeurs canadiens devraient savoir qu’Emploi et Développement Social Canada (“ESDC“) a publié de nouvelles directives sur le codage des Relevés d’Emploi (“RE“) pour les employés dont l’emploi prend fin après avoir refusé de se conformer à une politique de vaccination obligatoire en milieu de travail. Le régime d’assurance-emploi (“AE“) du Canada offre un soutien temporaire du … Continue reading

New Record of Employment Coding Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccination Refusals

Canadian employers should be aware that Employment and Social Development Canada (“ESDC”) issued new guidance on coding of Records of Employment (“ROE”) for employees whose employment ends after failing to comply with a mandatory vaccination policy in the workplace. Canada’s Employment Insurance (“EI”) regime provides temporary income support to unemployed workers. Employees are not eligible … Continue reading

Federal Pay Equity Update

We would like to remind federally-regulated employers that they are generally required to post a notice informing their employees of their obligations under the Pay Equity Act by November 1, 2021. The government has published a template notice and guidance here. Key things to keep in mind include: Employers can draft their own notice or … Continue reading

UK Government respond to consultation on tipping.

On the 24th September the government published a response on its consultation on how to ensure the protection of tips received by workers and employees in the hospitality, leisure and service sectors. Currently, there are no rules for what proportion of a tip earned by a worker should actually be paid to the worker. Instead … Continue reading

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Failing to address misgendering in the workplace can be a costly lesson

A British Columbia case has affirmed that the correct use of gender pronouns is a basic right, and that when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace, it is not enough to talk the talk by having a policy in place – employers must walk the walk by taking prompt action to address concerns. Failure … Continue reading

Gestionnaire du syndicat UES 800 condamné à neuf mois de prison pour avoir fraudé son employeur pour 225 000 $

Avez-vous les mécanismes en place au sein de votre entreprise pour prévenir et identifier promptement d’éventuels actes frauduleux de la part de vos employés? Les faits de l’affaire R. c. Aldik, rendu en août dernier par lequel la Cour du Québec (le Jugement), nous rappelle l’importance de s’attarder à la question et de ne surtout … Continue reading

Temporary Visa route announced by UK Government

The UK Home Office announced over the weekend that it will be introducing a visa route (amongst implementing other measures) to help ease the current shortage of HGV drivers. With full details yet to be confirmed, the announcement indicates that up to 5,000 HGV drivers (together with up to 5,500 poultry workers) will be able … Continue reading

UK Government Consultation on Flexible Working

On 23 September 2021, the UK Government launched a consultation on flexible working arrangements.  The consultation considers reforms to the existing flexible working regulations and is seeking views on proposals to ensure that the framework supports flexible working in all its forms. The consultation considers five areas for review: Making the right to request flexible … Continue reading

Italy makes Green Pass mandatory for all workers

On September 21 2021, Law Decree no. 127/2021 (Decree 127), providing “urgent measures to ensure the safe performance of public and private work,” was published in Italy’s Official Gazette. Decree 127 extends the scope of the mandatory Covid-19 Green Certification or “Green Pass” and strengthens the screening system.  The Green Pass is a personal QR … Continue reading