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Une grève illégale qui coûte cher : la faute d’omission d’un syndicat québécois le contraint à verser 9,9 millions $

Dans une décision rendue le 11 juin 2020[1], la Cour supérieure du Québec  a accueilli en partie une action collective à l’encontre de la Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec – Construction (FTQ‑C). Cette action collective vise, à titre de membres du groupe, les travailleurs et les employeurs comptant moins de 50 salariés qui ont été privés de travail ou de salaire à la suite de débrayages illégaux survenus sur plusieurs chantiers de construction au Québec à l’automne 2011. Il est reproché à la FTQ-C d’avoir encouragé et incité les travailleurs à participer à ces … Continue Reading

Passive smoking: Employees can claim damages

Legal context

French employment law imposes a duty of care on the employer requiring it to ensure that the health and safety of its employees is not impacted as a result of their work. Such duty is interpreted very broadly by the courts, which only allow employers to escape liability in very limited circumstances such as force majeure.

In addition to this general duty, the legislation also obliges employers to enforce a smoking-free working environment as part of the public policy against smoking.

In this legal background, what happens when an employee claims damages as a result of his/her Continue Reading

Moral harassment: an employee victim of harassment can be compensated twice

Legal context

French employment law strictly prohibits acts of moral harassment within a company, employers being required to take all measures necessary to prevent such situations from occurring in the first place. Applicable sanctions in the event of breach of such prohibition can be particularly severe since the employer can face penal sanctions as well as having any act taken in violation of such prohibition being declared null and void. The victim of such acts can also seek the civil liability of the employer and obtain the payment of damages for any loss suffered as a result of the harassment. … Continue Reading

Unjust dismissal: different possible awards

Last month, the Commission des relations du travail (“CRT”) rendered a decision following a finding of unjust dismissal that serves as a good reminder of the scope and types of awards that can be ordered when a complaint is deemed well-founded.

In this case, the facts were simple:  the complainant, a pharmacist, was suspended without pay for an indefinite period by his employer a few months after the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec (“OPQ”) initiated an investigation into the plaintiff’s actions.  The CRT, in an earlier decision, had concluded that the employer was justified in … Continue Reading