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L’obligation de se couvrir le visage au Québec : de nouvelles mesures annoncées

  1. Lieux publics fermés

Depuis le 18 juillet dernier, le port d’un couvre-visage est obligatoire dans les lieux qui accueillent le public au Québec. Le couvre-visage comprend un masque ou un tissu bien ajusté qui couvre le nez et la bouche. Le décret n° 810-2020 (décret 810)[1] précise les lieux qui accueillent le public qui seront touchés au Québec.

Quels lieux sont touchés?

Il convient de noter que le terme « lieu qui accueille le public » comprend la partie accessible au public, dans la mesure où elle est fermée ou partiellement couverte et qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une unité … Continue Reading

US: Return to work considerations for New York employers during COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses with operations in New York State and, particularly, in New York City, face unique obstacles with respect to reopening their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With over 380,000 confirmed cases across the state, and over 200,000 confirmed cases in New York City, most New York residents have been affected by the virus in some way, and many are apprehensive about reentering the workplace. New York City’s dense population of over 8 million residents and approximately 10 million commuters — many of whom rely on public transportation — undoubtedly exacerbates these concerns.  In light of these concerns, Governor Cuomo extended … Continue Reading

From Suits to Sweatpants: Employer’s Obligations to Employees Working From Home

Due to COVID-19, many employers have been thrown head-first into working-from-home (WFM) arrangements for some, if not all, of their workforce. It is important that employers ensure they are meeting their obligations in these circumstances, including occupational health & safety (OHS) responsibilities and business cost reimbursement, in order to avoid liability.

Health & Safety

In WFH arrangements, the employee’s home workspace becomes an extension of the workplace and is subject to OHS legislation. An employer cannot delegate its obligation to provide a safe working environment to its employees. If an employee is injured while working at home, then the employer … Continue Reading