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Employés qui s’absentent en raison de la pandémie : le gouvernement du Québec adopte des protections additionnelles

Le 9 septembre dernier, le gouvernement du Québec a adopté le nouveau décret 943-2020 (le Décret), lequel, comme l’a confirmé le ministre du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale dans une annonce gouvernementale communiquée à cet égard le même jour, vise notamment à protéger le lien d’emploi des employés devant s’absenter du travail en raison de la COVID-19.

Plus précisément, les nouvelles mesures interdisent à un employeur d’imposer toute sanction ou encore d’exercer des mesures discriminatoires ou des représailles à l’endroit d’un employé, et ce, au motif qu’il s’absente du travail et que cette absence découle du … Continue Reading

On allegations of sexual harassment made on social media in Quebec: what employers need to know

Over the last few weeks, several cases of sexual harassment allegations have been posted both openly and anonymously on social media in Quebec.

One issue that will surface for employers is how these public allegations should be handled when the actions, comments or gestures stem from one of their own employees.

First, provincially regulated employers need to make sure they have a psychological harassment prevention and complaint processing policy in place. This policy must be made available to employees and include a section on behaviour that manifests itself in the form of verbal comments, actions or gestures of a sexual … Continue Reading

Bill 6 looks to broaden leave entitlements in British Columbia

On April 9, 2018, BC’s Minister of Labour introduced Bill 6, the Employment Standards Amendment Act, to the BC Legislature.  Bill 6 includes proposed amendments to the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) to bring certain types of leave into line with the Federal government’s recent changes to the Employment Insurance Act so that employees are entitled to job protection under the ESA for the same amount of time they are entitled to employment insurance benefits.  In addition, Bill 6 also creates two new types of job-protected leave for death or crime-related disappearance of a child.

The changes proposed by Bill … Continue Reading

The proposed bill to amend Québec’s labour standards: what are the effects on placement agencies?

The Act to amend the Act respecting labour standards and other legislative provisions (the bill) was tabled by the liberal government at the National Assembly at the end of March. Several provisions of this bill will have an impact on the businesses of personnel placement agencies. Here is our take on these issues.

In a nutshell

Simply put, in addition to establishing the principle that agency employees may not be remunerated at a lower rate of wage than that granted to the employees of the client enterprise, the bill requires personnel placement agencies and recruitment agencies for temporary foreign workers … Continue Reading

Key employment law developments expected during 2017 in Québec

In the course of the year, it will be interesting to see how the Government of Québec will deal with pay equity matters. In an important decision issued last October, the Québec Court of Appeal declared that several sections of the Pay Equity Act were unconstitutional. More specifically, it struck down the ’09 provisions dealing with the maintain and posting exercises. The Attorney General has filed an application for leave to appeal of this decision before the Supreme court so nothing is settled yet. In addition, the federal government recently announced its intention to compel employers subject to the federal … Continue Reading