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Global Employment Law: Leadership Reimagined -Transforming Workplace – #7

In the previous article in our series “Transforming Workplace”  we considered the challenges to the employer’s organisational culture that will result from changed employee expectations and from modernising your Employee Value Proposition.   In this article we look at how these enhancements to your organisational culture will challenge the capability and style of your leadership team. … Continue reading

Management and foreign languages: Communication with the works council

Managers of international companies are often confronted with the problem of having to communicate with their employees and the works council in a foreign language that they do not fully master. This can easily lead to conflicts. In a recent decision in June, the Nuremberg Regional Labor Court (ref. 1 TaBV 33/19) has now clarified the scope. The … Continue reading

Control or trust: Legal claim to home office?

Digitization and  technological advances are accelerating the flexibility of working conditions leading to a changed understanding of leadership. A key topic of debate is the “home office” which is currently used by approximately 12 per cent of employees in Germany for all or part of their working time. On this topic, the German government is … Continue reading