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Vicarious liability of employers under UAE and DIFC law

This article was written by senior associate Helen Perrin and trainee solicitor Freya Byrne. Article 313.1.b of the UAE Civil Code (Civil Code) legislates that a person may be vicariously liable for the acts and omissions of their employees. The Civil Code provides that in order for vicarious liability to arise, three requirements must be … Continue reading

Wage Protection System – United Arab Emirates

In line with the labour markets of other GCC states (Wage Protection System – Saudi Arabia) the UAE Ministry of Labour (Ministry) has introduced an electronic transfer system called the Wage Protection System (WPS).  The WPS was principally introduced in an effort to protect manual labourers and lower income earners in the UAE by ensuring, … Continue reading

Wage Protection System – Saudi Arabia

The Wage Protection System (WPS) in Saudi Arabia became mandatory for all Saudi companies with over 3,000 employees on 1 September 2013 (Ministry starts the mandatory application of “Wage Protection Program” by the end of Shawwal). The objective of the WPS is to minimise any delay and issues in the payment of salaries. Under the … Continue reading

Employee share options and incentive schemes in the UAE: the law explained

Business owners with operations in the UAE often consider the possibility of expanding international employee incentive schemes (Incentive Schemes) to its UAE resident employees.  Typically the biggest concern the employer has is whether local legislation and regulations will permit the offering and ultimate participation in an Incentive Scheme (regardless of how it is structured).  An … Continue reading

Employment contracts in the UAE: why do some foreign workers have two contracts?

Expatriate workers arriving in the UAE are often surprised to learn that, despite their hard won negotiations in getting the perfect expatriate package and employment contract agreed with their new employer, they will be required to sign a short standard form employment contract (in English and Arabic) governed by the UAE Labour Law with the … Continue reading