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Agreement making by ‘start ups’

In a decision which considered agreement making for “start ups”, the Fair Work Commission has held that there was nothing unusual or untoward in a relatively new business making an enterprise agreement early in its life with a small number of employees with an expectation that the business will grow and eventually employ a much … Continue reading

‘No extra claims’ clause again a factor in limiting employer’s unilateral decision to relocate employees

Following on from a recent decision in which a ‘no extra claims’ clause in an enterprise agreement prohibited an employer unilaterally varying employment benefits, a Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has recently affirmed this approach to interpreting the scope of no extra claims clauses in relation to employment conditions (DL Employment Pty Ltd … Continue reading

New IR bill: Have you thought about workplace productivity?

The Fair Work Amendment (Bargaining Processes) Bill 2014 (the Bill) was recently introduced into Parliament and has a strong focus on workplace productivity and progressing the bargaining process. If the Bill is passed it will require the Fair Work Commission (FWC), when approving enterprise agreements (but not greenfields deals), to be satisfied that parties discussed … Continue reading