A worldwide effort was launched by 4 Day Week Global, a nonprofit associated with the University of Oxford, that helps companies execute and measure the impact of a four-day workweek. The nonprofit calls this a 100-80-100 model, wherein workers receive 100% of their pay for 80% of the time, while maintaining 100% productivity.

In California

Section 18 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”) provides that employees must be given at least 11 consecutive hours of rest between shifts. Three recent decisions outline different scenarios that may exempt employers from this requirement:

  1. (1) where the employer qualifies for an exemption laid out in s. 19 of the ESA;

This post was contributed by Poppy Pritchard.

The use of zero-hours contracts has attracted much controversy in the UK, after it emerged recently that the number of workers on zero-hours contracts may be up to four times the official figure. These contracts are particularly unpopular with trade unions and the Labour party is calling for