Kimberly Cheeseman (US)

Photo of Kimberly Cheeseman (US) Kimberly Cheeseman joined the Houston office as an associate in September 2013. She is part of the employment and labor group. Prior to joining the firm, Kimberly completed a federal clerkship with the Honorable Martin L.C. Feldman of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

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We all know what the new DOL salary numbers are, but what happens next?

The US Department of Labor’s March 7, 2019 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking reset the salary requirements for the Fair Labor Standards Act’s white-collar exemptions. By now we all know the new numbers: the minimum salary threshold will increase from US$455 per week (US$23,660 annually) to US$679 per week (US$35,308 annually) for the executive, administrative, professional, … Continue reading

Texas federal judge puts the brakes on the DOL’s new overtime regulations

Employers who had been searching for a way to best  implement the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulations (the “Final Rule”), which are set to go into effect on December 1, 2016, received an early holiday gift on Tuesday, and from one of President Obama’s appointed jurists, no less.  On November 22nd, Judge Amos Mazzant … Continue reading

What protection do employees have against age discrimination in the US?

Numerous federal, state, and local laws in the US prohibit employers from making employment decisions based on an employee’s or job applicant’s age and thus protecting employees from being discriminated against based on their age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, also known as the ADEA, is the federal law which prohibits age discrimination … Continue reading

Oral arguments in Young v. UPS: too close to call

On December 3, 2014, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Young v. UPS, which, as previously discussed on this blog, may clarify an employer’s obligation under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”) to provide an accommodation to pregnant workers. Supreme Court commentators, however, are deeming the case too close to call. At the beginning … Continue reading

Potential change in US pregnancy discrimination law: Young v. UPS

A potential change is on the horizon for United States pregnancy discrimination law. In the past decade, pregnancy discrimination charges have increased by 35 percent. See Pregnancy Discrimination Charges, US Equal Opportunity Comm’n. Recently, the EEOC’s General Counsel stated that pregnancy discrimination was one the “areas” in which employers “need[ed] to remind themselves of the law, … Continue reading