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The COVID-19 vaccine @ work: a Dutch employment law perspective

At a time when the world is suffering from the COVID pandemic, hope rests in the advent of Covid-19 vaccines. In addition, employers are trying to anticipate the ever-changing situation in the workplace. In doing so, they must adhere to existing laws and regulations, which were not written with a situation like this in mind. … Continue reading

Blog Update NOW 2.0

Employment Emergency Fund (NOW) – NOW 2.0 On March 31, 2020, the Dutch government first published the Employment Emergency Fund (Tijdelijke noodmaatregel overbrugging voor behoud van werkgelegenheid, NOW 1.0). Please read more about this here  The initial period of the fund ended on 31 May, 2020 but allowed for a one time extension for an … Continue reading

Dutch emergency measures also amend enforcement of higher WW premium

As part of the Covid-19 emergency measures the Dutch government has decided to (i) extend the period for complying with new requirements  for employment contracts for an indefinite period until 1 July 2020, and (ii) make changes to the 30percent working hours rule. Extension of period for compliance The Dutch employment act WAB that came … Continue reading