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A warning for a slap : is it reasonable ?

Under French employment law, the definition of a disciplinary sanction is broad as it is defined by law as being “any measure, other than a verbal observation, taken by an employer in response to an act of an employee which the employer considers incorrect, whether or not such measure has an immediate effect upon the … Continue reading

Requesting an employee to provide an explanation of his or her acts may be interpreted as a disciplinary sanction

The legal background French employment law strictly regulates the disciplinary power that an employer can exercise over its employees. In particular, one fundamental rule states that an employer cannot discipline an employee twice for the same fact. This means that if an employee has been disciplined for misconduct, a new sanction based on the same … Continue reading

Part-time employment: additional hours may result in an employment contract being requalified as a full-time contract

The legal background Under French employment law, part-time work is subject to specific rules the purpose of which is to ensure that employees benefit from a minimum level of stability and predictability in their working time schedule. More specifically, the relevant legal provisions state that the additional working hours that an employer can require an … Continue reading

Employees’ rights and obligations relating to the use of social media in France

The impact of the use of social media in the workplace has regularly given rise to controversies and debates as how this subject is to be handled by a company’s management. The current state of employment law is still not entirely settled in this respect. It is however possible to provide some guidance on the … Continue reading