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Long-awaited relief for federally regulated employers: Layoff periods extended further

To give federally regulated employers more time to recall employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain layoff periods under the Canada Labour Standards Regulations have (again) been temporarily extended as of November 9, 2020, as follows:

Employee laid off before March 31, 2020

  • Three-month layoff: If an employee is laid off for a period of three months or less before March 31, 2020, the period is extended by nine months after the date on which it would otherwise end. As a result, the employer has 12 months to recall the employee before the layoff is deemed a termination of employment.
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Un soulagement très attendu pour les employeurs sous réglementation fédérale : nouvelle prolongation des périodes de mise à pied

Dans le but de donner aux employeurs sous réglementation fédérale plus de temps pour rappeler les employés mis à pied en raison de la COVID-19, certaines périodes de mise à pied en vertu du Règlement du Canada sur les normes du travail ont (de nouveau) été temporairement prolongées, et ce, à compter du 9 novembre. Voici les points à retenir:

Employé mis à pied avant le 31 mars 2020

  • Mise à pied de 3 mois: Si un employé est mis à pied pour une période de 3 mois ou moins avant le 31 mars 2020, le délai est prolongé de
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Temporary Layoff: Will It Always Result In Constructive Dismissal?

This article was prepared with the assistance of Michael Sherman, summer student, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP (Toronto)

What can a company do when hard times mean short-term downsizing?

That was the question answered by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Trites v Renin Corp, 2013 ONSC 2715.

Trites saw an established accounting firm, Renin Corp., facing hard times from the 2008 recession.  In an effort to save the business Renin began a program of temporary layoffs.  By 2011 Renin had not recovered and on November 15, Ms. Trites was laid off for a period of up to … Continue Reading