Venezuela’s minimum salary for the day shift is Bs. 2,702.73 as of September 1, 2013, which represents the 10% increase established in Article 1 b) of the Minimum Wage Decree Nº 30 (Decree).

This Decree came into effect on April 30, 2013 and its general implications were commented by Juan Carlos Pró-Rísquez, Esther Cecilia ”Kelly” Blondet and Norah Chafardet Grimaldi in their article Minimum salary increase in Venezuela, which also outlined minimum salary rates for public and private sector workers as well as adolescents and apprentices.

Current minimum part-time salary

Articles 6 of the Decree and 172 of the Labour Law (LOTTT) allow proportional payment for part-time work; as a result, employees working four hours per day shift will earn a minimum part-time salary of Bs. 1,351.36.

It is worth emphasizing that employers are subject to economic, administrative and criminal penalties for violating the Decree, according to Article 533 of the LOTTT.

General recommendation

Employers that have workers covered by the Decree should comply by updating calculations not only for meal allowances but also for child care benefit, initial education service, social security, employment benefits regime and the mandatory housing savings fund.

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