The recent Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) national survey on sexual harassment has made it clear that sexual harassment in the Australian workplace is increasing.   In June 2018, the AHRC announced a National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in order to report, on other things, the prevalence and reporting of harassment and the measures being taken in preventing and responding to allegations of harassment.

The AHRC has invited submissions from interested parties to assist the inquiry.  We are preparing a submission based on our experience of assisting employers in preventing and managing sexual harassment in the workplace.  We are therefore seeking input from Australian employers on the current state of workplace practices for dealing with sexual harassment.

We have prepared a short survey to get a sense of the policies and procedures that are currently in place, and what is and isn’t working well. The survey should only take around five minutes to complete, depending on the level of detail you wish to provide. The responses will be aggregated to form part of our submission to the inquiry. To have your say, click here.

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