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Intra-Corporate Transfer Directive implemented in the Netherlands

On November 29, 2016 the Dutch Royal Decree (the Decree) which implements the European Intra-Corporate Transfer Directive (2014/66/EU) (the Directive), came into force. The Directive applies to secondments of non-EU citizens satisfying certain conditions whose main place of residence is outside the EU (Expats) to an EU Member State. The Directive simplifies the admission procedure … Continue reading

The Foreign Nationals Employment Act

Financial risks when using foreign workers in the Netherlands Hiring contractors or temporary employment agencies that employ foreign workers in the Netherlands, can create financial risks of which you should be aware. If foreign workers carry out activities for the benefit of your business, you should comply with legal obligations under the Foreign Nationals Employment … Continue reading

New Dutch Legislation | Working after state pension age Act

Do you wish to keep valuable employees who are about to retire, but are you afraid termination will be difficult if they remain employed? As of this year, risks related to hiring employees who have reached the state pension age (an Older Employee) are considerably reduced, e.g. the duration of the prohibition to terminate and … Continue reading