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Employment Law and Financial Institutions

In the financial sector, in addition to individual employment contracts, working conditions can be subject to various industry related statutes and regulations, collective bargaining agreements and works agreements.

Laws and regulations

As a reaction to the global financial crisis, the participants of the 2008 G20 summit in Washington, including Germany, agreed on the establishment and implementation of global standards of regulation, cross-border supervision and management to avoid conflicts of interest and to create an early warning system to avoid a repetition of the financial crisis.

In response to this resolution, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) published principles for sound compensation … Continue Reading

Executive Loses Incentive Comp Upon Resignation – Contract Enforceable, Court Finds No Restraint on Trade

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice upheld a contract that forced an employee to forfeit restricted shares upon resignation in Levinsky v The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

The Plaintiff, a Vice President and Managing Director at the bank,  participated in the bank’s Long Term Compensation Plan. The Plan granted the Plaintiff Restricted Share Units each year. Under the Plan, shares that had not yet matured would be forfeited upon resignation. The Plaintiff resigned in 2010, and accordingly, lost his entitlement to shares allocated to him in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The value of the shares was over $1 Million. The Plaintiff … Continue Reading