With high school and post-secondary students heading back to the classroom this September, many Ontario employers are on the lookout for co-op students or student interns. Co-ops and internships can be mutually beneficial arrangements for both employers and students, helping students gain meaningful work experience while allowing employers to effectively recruit future employees.

However, with

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In Germany, “Equal Pay Day” is widely observed. It marks the day from which women are deemed to start to earn wages in that calendar year, where men have started to earn wages since January 1st. This year, Equal Pay Day

Even though, unarguably, few employees would give up a good night’s sleep in order to work night shifts, operational necessity often dictates otherwise. Certain businesses can only remain competitive and survive in the market if they require their employees to work during night-time. Parcel services, bakeries and hospitals are just a few examples of businesses

Discrimination based on an employee’s gender is a sensitive topic in France as, in spite of the numerous laws voted with the intention of tackling this issue, the national institute of statistics and information about economy recently disclosed that the global gap in average remuneration between men and women was still approximately 19% in 2013,

The legal context

Remuneration is a fairly sensitive matter in France. Although the determination of the level of remuneration of employees is not strictly regulated (only minimum levels of remuneration are provided by the law and by the relevant collective bargaining agreement), the freedom of employers is limited by the “equal job, equal pay” principle

With Canada Day fast approaching, it is an opportune time to remind employers within the federal jurisdiction of the new requirements under the Canada Labour Code for the calculation of general holiday pay.

Changes to the “general holidays” provisions under the Canada Labour Code and the Canada Labour Standards Regulations came into force on March

A recent decision of the Federal Court has affirmed the importance of a Federal government employee’s right to procedural fairness.

The dispute centred around whether an employee, in appealing his annual performance review, was entitled to see documents explaining his appraisal. The employer, a federal agenct, utilized what is often referred to as a “pay-at-risk”

Das Bundesarbeitsgericht änderte mit Urteil vom 19.05.2015 seine Rechtsprechung zur Kürzung von Urlaubsansprüchen, die während einer Elternzeit entstehen.

Grundsätzlich entsteht auch während einer Elternzeit eines Arbeitnehmers ein Urlaubsanspruch. Endet das Arbeitsverhältnis nach Ablauf der Elternzeit, steht dem Arbeitnehmer ein Abgeltungsanspruch für den nicht genommenen Urlaub in Geld zu.

Das bedeutet beispielsweise, dass der Arbeitnehmer, der

As from 1 January 2015, a minimum wage of € 8.50 has been introduced for the first time in Germany – this generally applies to all employees. However, there are some exceptions. For example, the minimum wage does not have to be paid to interns on a mandatory internship, apprentices, adolescents under the age of