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Notice rights – what rights do employees have to notice of termination of employment in the US?

Employees in the United States are generally considered employed at-will in most jurisdictions, meaning that either the employee or the employer can terminate the relationship at any time, for any reason or no reason at all, without providing notice. The general rule gives way, however, in limited circumstances which trigger certain federal (and potentially state-specific) … Continue reading

Notice Rights – What Rights Do Employees Have To Notice On Termination Of Employment

Notice rights have the purpose of giving the employee the opportunity to take appropriate measures in preparation for the termination. The obligation of the employer to adhere to certain notice periods and the length of these notice periods depend - amongst other things - on the characterisation of the termination and the duration of the … Continue reading

Notice rights: what rights do employees have to notice on termination of employment in France?

Under French employment law, the termination of an employment contract by either of the parties must be preceded by a notice period during which the employment contract remains effective and binding on both parties. Such requirement of prior notice is provided by the law particularly in case of resignation, dismissal (except in case of gross … Continue reading

Non-compete obligation: the contractual time limit for waiver may not apply in certain circumstances

The legal context It is quite common for employers to include in an employment contract the possibility of unilateral waiver of the application of a non-compete obligation at the end of the employment relationship. French case law does permit such flexibility but only provided that (i) such waiver is expressly stipulated in the employment contract, … Continue reading

Probationary period: compliance with the notice period may give rise to a new employment contract

The legal background Under French employment law, the provision of a probationary period in an employment contract entitles the employer to terminate the contract without being required to follow a dismissal procedure or to justify the termination on real and serious grounds. However, the termination of an employment contract during a probationary period must be … Continue reading

Votre salarié vous annonce qu’il démissionne et qu’il quittera ses fonctions dans deux semaines : pouvez-vous mettre un terme immédiatement à son emploi sans payer une indemnité?

À moins de la commission d’une faute grave, tel que l’entend la Loi sur les normes du travail, par le salarié ou d’une entente avec le salarié, la réponse est NON. Cela a été confirmé par la Cour suprême du Canada vendredi dernier, dans son jugement rendu dans l’affaire Québec (Commission des normes du travail) … Continue reading