Dans la décision Syndicat des métallos, section locale 2008 et al. c. Procureur général du Canada et al.[1], la Cour supérieure s’est prononcée sur la constitutionnalité de certains arrêtés du ministre des Transports du Canada ordonnant notamment la vaccination obligatoire des employés du secteur du transport maritime, ferroviaire et aérien sous juridiction fédérale.

Le 23 mars dernier, dans la décision Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de la Coop Lanaudière CSN c. Coop Novago, 2022 QCTAT 1324 (« Coop Novago »), le Tribunal administratif du travail (le « Tribunal ») a conclu que l’employeur ne peut, en ayant recours au télétravail, contourner les dispositions anti-briseurs de grève.


On April 1st, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued guidance for employers on living safely and reducing the spread of respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 to replace the previous ‘Working Safely Guidance’ after the relaxing of COVID-19 measures in the UK.

The guidance outlines ways employers can aim to reduce the spread

In Germany the “Epidemic Situation of National Significance” ends on November 25, 2021.  As a result, the German legislature has amended several COVID-19 related laws, such as the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz – IfSG), in order to continue certain protective measures. The amended regulations (BT-Drs. 20/15 and BT-Drs. 20/78) aim to provide for a flexible approach to providing a safe and hygienic workplace depending on different regional or sector-specific infection metrics as well as the vaccination status of the workforce. Employers will have to comply with the regulations at least until March 19, 2022.

On July 1, 2021, British Columbia enthusiastically took the next step in its four-step COVID-19 Restart Plan. The transition to Step 3 brought several changes, including the transition for employers to move away from the previously required COVID-19 Safety Plan to the now required Communicable Disease Plan (“CDP”).

WorkSafeBC has published detailed guidance for employers